Saturday, February 15, 2020

Explain the different paths to God found in Bonaventures The Souls (or Research Paper

Explain the different paths to God found in Bonaventures The Souls (or Minds) Journey to God - Research Paper Example Especially the preface of The Journey of the Mind into God describes the vision of Seraph very constantly and convincingly. In this work has also explains different paths to God and teach people that they could become close to the God by carrying out their life journeys in specific directions and paths (Quinn, p186). Saint Bonaventura explains in his work Mind’s journey to the God that finding out God is very simple as well as very complicated for the people because God is present around the people but they could reach him only if they will adopt the right paths. He believes that one can easily find God by seeking him in different objects of the world because he is everywhere and it depends upon the sincerity and dedication of the seeker that he become able to find out God or not. Bonaventura believes that God is part of his own creations that why he is present in the tree standing silently as well as on the path where the people use to walk every day. Since human beings are also the creation of God so he is also present inside us and the internal truth of the personalities reveal the existence of God inside the people (Gendreau, p104). The first chapter of Mind’s journey to the God explains the stages through which the people can find their ways up to God. Bonaventura teaches that when a person is blessed by God he has been provided with the divine assistance and the path towards God becomes clear and easy for him. This happens to the people that are true by heart and possess no wrong intentions for God and his creations (Emery, p218). Without the assistance of God it is not possible for anyone to find God or seek the ways towards him. When a person is true and clean by his heart God makes him complete and shower him with all his blessings and miracles. This is possible only when someone is pure not only physically but his heart is also pure and clean and he truly wants to reach God and wants to follow the path sincerely that could take him

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